Conservation Management Plan

Conservation Management Plan 2019

With joint funding from Historic England and Redcar and Cleveland Council we initially commissioned consultants to produce a Conservation Management Plan for the Saltburn Registered Park and Garden, currently known as Saltburn Valley Gardens. The report from the Consultants is now being finalised (circa May 2019).

This work has given us a greater understanding of the history and significance of what was once called the Saltburn Pleasure Gardens, and to identify management policies and actions that will safeguard the future use and enjoyment of this historic landscape for all.

We are pleased to report that this year (2019) the council in partnership with the SVCIO has secured funding from the Coastal Revival Fund to extend the scope of the Management Plan to cover the two other valleys of Hazel Grove and Saltburn Gill. As well as a review of the condition of these areas, this work will also involve a number of surveys which will inform a 5 to 10 year action plan for preservation and conservation works and improvements in the three valleys.

The comprehensive Management Plan will act both to identify risks and opportunities for the Valleys as well as being a key support for capital funding bids in the future. In the shorter term it can be used to attract much-needed resources to arrest decline or improve the management of the site, and to inform local projects involving the community.  


Page updated May 2019