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                                          See updated information about the Conservation Management plan for the Saltburn Valley Gardens.
                The Saltburn Valleys CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) was formed in 2017 to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the land, gardens, woodlands, walkways, play areas, waterways, wildlife and natural environment, historic monuments and properties in the Saltburn Valleys.

Saltburn Valleys CIO AGM

On Tuesday the 19th of November we are holding our Annual General Meeting
Come and join us at the Saltburn Community Theatre. The AGM will start at 5.45 and will be followed by presentations about the proposed conservation works for the three valleys - the Valley gardens, Hazel grove and Saltburn Gill.
 Events all through the year 2019 - 2020


The Ancient Hazel Project- making Traditional Lobster Pots

Friday the 29th of November at the Saltburn Woodland Centre - from 10.00 am till 3.00 pm.

Saltburn's Woodlands were traditionally managed to produce stands of oak and ash for building, with an under-storey of hazel coppice. The hazel was used by local fishermen to make the frames for crab and lobster pots.

As part of the Saltburn Valleys Ancient Hazel Project, supported by funding from National Lottery Players through the Heritage Fund, the CIO is to run a workshop on traditional lobster pot making.
This event will be led by local fisherman, Eddie Woodall, and will be supported by the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust.

Participants will :-
  • explore the history of the local crab and lobster pots
  • learn how hazel was used 
  • and try their hand at hazel -bending and net making.
Don't miss this special event, our last of the series. Places will be limited so you will need to book as soon as possible by calling the TVWT on 01287 636382 or emailing info@teeswildlife.org.

At the start of next year in late January/ early February there will be an event at the Woodland Centre with an exhibition of the photographs being taken at the walks and activities.

Your feedback on these activities would be much appreciated.