Saltburn Valleys News

(1)   The A.G.M. was held on the 20th November at 3pm.  with three Trustees being re-elected and two new appointments, Katie Metcalf and Ian Sproxton .
(2)   The Albert Memorial has been declared unsafe by RCBC. There will be a protective fence erected which will serve as a work compound . There will             be three self seeded  sycamore and ash) trees removed to aid the work.
(3)  The Lower Path at Hazel Grove has seen much activity over the last few days with the rotavating and planting of the flower beds, it is well worth a visit.
      Some photos are now in the Gallery.
(4) PLEASE be aware that some thinning of trees, especially Holly will be taking place in Riftswood from Friday 4th Dec.
 (5) The SVCIO has initiated a "TREE LOG" custody of Kate Metcalfe whereby planting, thinning and felling of individual trees will be kept.

Welcome to Saltburn Valleys

The Saltburn Valleys are our heritage and are in need of conservation. With your support we can ensure they are cared for now, and for future generations. 

We hold events, fundraise, and seek to educate people about our beautiful natural environment. 

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Our Valleys

Saltburn Gill

Saltburn Gill is a wildlife-rich woodland set in a secluded valley leading to the coast; it has largely remained undisturbed since the time of the great forests. A mix of oak, ash, and holly clothe the steep sides of a valley carved by the fast-flowing waters of the Gill and it's two tributaries; the Griff and Darn Bottle.

Hazel Grove

Hazel Grove is a narrow, wooded ravine lying to the north of Saltburn with a beck running to the sea know as Pit Hills Stell. In the 18th century coppicing hazel was extremely important, the rods being used to make wattle and daub for buildings, woven into hurdles for fencing livestock and made into lobster pots for local fishermen. 

Skelton Beck 

The Skelton Beck carves a path through woodlands and under a magnificent Grade II listed brick-built viaduct. It flows through Rifts Wood into the Valley Gardens and down to the sea. The Valley Gardens form part of the late Victorian seaside resort of Saltburn-by-the-sea which was developed between 1861 and 1873 by the Quaker, Henry Pease. 

The Saltburn Valleys CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) was formed in 2017 to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the land, gardens, woodlands, walkways, play areas, waterways, wildlife and natural environment, historic monuments and properties in the Saltburn Valleys.